Drive dogs from one of the most successful racing kennels in the world!

Milos with his dogs at the finish line of La Grande Odyssee 2011

We only work with the best people and the best dogs to ensure your Arctic experience lives up to all your hopes and dreams. We are proud to be working with Milos Gonda, his wife Gaynor Leeper Gondova, and their amazing team of dogs.

Milos has an impressive resume when it comes to dog sled racing and unlike many racing Mushers, he’s keen to share his dogs and experiences with beginners! His wife Gaynor started her racing career in 2013/2014 but has shown the same promise as Milos. On our trips to Kiruna, you will meet and drive some of their race dogs who regularly take part in the tours when they’re not racing. Voyage Active works exclusively with Milos and Gaynor from the UK.

We run short day trips to longer expedition tours of up to a week – take a look at our Adventures. Our most popular tour is Taste of Lapland.

Racing history:

Jan 2011 – La Grande Odyssee, France – the world’s longest (and reputably the hardest) middle distance stage race for sled dogs. A total of 11 days covering 950km through the Alps, with altitude gains of up to 4000m in one stage! Milos and 14 of his dogs were crowned LGO Champions 2011. Although proud of his achievement, it’s the trophy for “Best Dog Care” that really puts a smile on Milos’s face. He also won “Rookie of the Year” (Rookie status being given to any Musher entering the race for the first time).

Mar 2011 – Pasvik Trail, Norway - 300km through the spectacular scenery of Northern Norway, reaching as far as the Russian border. This is a long distance race meaning that Mushers continue to drive their dogs non-stop through the day and night. Compulsory rest-stops are built into the race but the Mushers are not allowed outside help from Handlers. Milos wins Pasvik Trail (open – 12+ dog team) with a new Trail Record of under 16 hours.

Jan 2012 – La Grande Odyssee, France - Second Place. Awarded “Best Climber” award for summiting the four highest mountain sections in the fastest time.

Feb 2012 – Tobacco Trail, Sweden – A local race for Milos that follows the famous “Kings Trail” through Kiruna. It is a 200km long distance race. In appalling winter storm conditions, Milos wins the race and is crowned “Scandinavian Open Champion”.

Mar 2012 – Pasvik Trail, Norway – Second Place.

Jan 2013 – La Grande Odyssee, France – Second Place. Awarded “Best Climber” and “Sportsmanship” trophies.

Mar 2013 – Finnmarkslopet 500, Norway – Europe’s answer to The Iditarod and Yukon Quest, there are 500km and 1000km categories in this race which is often regarded as Europe’s toughest long distance race. It is also Europe’s most popular race with around 200 teams entering every year. Milos won the race and also received the prize for “Rookie of the Year” and “Best Foreign Musher”.

Dec 2013 – Kauppinen Wide Open, Sweden – In Gaynor’s first race, she romped home to first place in this 180km race in Northern Sweden with an average speed of nearly 21kmph! Milos ran the B-team and finished third place.

Feb 2014 – Tobacco Trail, Sweden – Gaynor took the reigns this time and completed her second race winning first place some 45 minutes ahead of her closest competitor!

Look out for Milos in La Grande Odyssee, Jan 2015, and also at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS at Finnmarkslopet 500 in March 2015. You can follow both races online with their GPS tracking service and feel like a part of it! and


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