Film premier of our Skeleton Coast Expedition
Expedition member from the 2009 World First expedition

Expedition member from the 2009 World First expedition

In 2009, Voyage Active was instrumental in organising a world first expedition on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia for 14 explorers who undertook a 500km unsupported trek along this inhospitable coastline. Battling freezing Antarctic ocean temperatures to collect water to desalinate, wind and sand storms, punishing daytime desert temperatures and gruelling walking schedules with 35kg rucksacks, the team made it from Luderitz to Walvis Bay in 20 days. Their journey took them through seal colonies, across high sand dunes, over beds of marine life skeletons and even wading through a high, algae-ridden foam build-up from the ocean, most of which has never been recorded before. They didn’t pass a single soul until nearing their goal at Walvis Bay – their only company was each other, the occasional Jackal and the scores of seals that followed their journey. The coastline is uninhabited by the living but scattered with ship wrecks that have been washed up on shore and dumped deep into the desert by violent storms.

Gaynor Leeper, Director and owner of Voyage Active, was part of the successful team to complete the expedition which was documented on film by Brave World Film cameraman, Andrew Miles. The film, titled “Skeleton Coast: Gates of Hell” is aptly named and now due to premiere at Brighton Fringe on Saturday May 9th 2015 at 17.30. For tickets (£10) go Brighton Fringe.

In 2011, Voyage Active organised a follow-up expedition led by Sam McConnell, along the most northern section of the Namibian Coast to the Angola border.

WATCH US on Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild!

NLIWWe’ve been holding our tongues for some time now but we can finally tell you that Gaynor Leeper, Director of Voyage Active Ltd, and her husband Milos Gonda (who both guide their dog sled tours) will feature in Episode 4 of Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild! It airs on Friday 12th December at 9pm GMT, Channel 5.

In this episode Ben will live with Gaynor and Milos in a small wood cabin, taking on all the chores that are required just to get by in the freezing temperatures of the arctic. The three of them also take a trip in the mountain range between Norway and Sweden, driving their own dog teams, and Ben finds out what it’s like to be responsible for his own team of dogs when there’s a storm coming!

NEW sponsors: Canada Goose

CGlogoWe are very proud to announce the start of a new sponsorship relationship between Gaynor Leeper, Director at Voyage Active, and Canada Goose in the UK.

Canada Goose are well known across the world for producing some of the most effective and high quality outdoor clothing, including extreme clothing for environments such as Antarctica and the Arctic. With Gaynor spending her winters in some of the coldest temperatures known to man, she could not be better equipped to handle her environment than with Canada Goose clothing! One of her favourites is the Expedition Parka, rated TEI5 (Canada Goose’s top thermal rating), waterproof, windproof and with lots of added features that make it perfect for the arctic winter.