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If catching a stunning Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) display, taking a visit to the world famous ICEHOTEL or dog sledding through a magical frozen wilderness are on your bucket list then you’ve come to the right place!

Voyage Active Ltd specialise in dog-sledding and Northern Lights tours in the Arctic region of Northern Sweden (part of Lapland). We work exclusively with Lapland Sleddog Adventures who have a kennel with 50 Alaskan Huskies and a luxury lodge in the breathtaking wilderness just outside Kiruna, Sweden.

Choose what you do from a sit down dog sled ride, a drive your own dog sled adventure, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing to relaxing in a private sauna and chilling out in the elegant luxury lodge!

Sit down dog sled ride on the Taste of Lapland Tour
View the Aurora Borealis by night on the Musher's Paradise tour
Drive your own dog sled on the Lapland Triple tour
Snowshoe walk on the Taste of Lapland Tour

Travel with us and find all the comforts of home in a pristine wilderness location.

Who are Lapland Sleddog Adventures?


All of our tours are run by Lapland Sleddog Adventures, (LSA) a Swedish company run by husband and wife couple Gaynor Leeper and Miloš Gonda. Their goal is to provide superior service in sleddog tourism, whether that’s satisfying the wishes of their guests or giving the best possible care to their dogs. “We put our heart and soul into everything we do and every experience we provide so we know our guests will return home happy, whether you’ve been with us for a few hours or a week.”

They have recently built a luxury Lodge for guests, an on-site sauna, and a large kennel complex for their 50 Alaskan huskies. The Lodge has geothermal heating to keep guests warm no matter how low the temperature outside gets. They also have crystal-clear fresh water from a ground source that can be drunk straight from the tap. Everything is built with the environment in mind and the kennel complex sits happily in a secluded forest approximately 15 minutes drive from Kiruna city centre.

LSA team

Milos Gonda

Milos Gonda

Owner of LSA and Guide

Milos is a born musher! He got his first dog when he was 15 and spent his early adulthood working with dogs in his home country of Slovakia. At the age of 26, he decided to leave Slovakia and its unpredictable winter conditions to work full-time with sled dogs in the north, first in the city of Tromso, Norway, and later in Kiruna. Milos has won many prestigious dog sledding competitions, including the famous Finnmarkslopet 500 (Norway), La Grande Odyssee (French Alps) and Tobacco Trail (Sweden). Despite being quietly proud of these achievements Milos’ priority is to run the best dog kennel possible and simply spend quality time on the trail with his well trained dogs.

Gaynor Leeper

Gaynor Leeper

Owner of LSA and Guide

Gaynor was born in the UK. After 20 years working in London she gave up her city job to enter the world of adventure. She has  travelled the world guiding tours to the top of Kilimanjaro and Everest Basecamp, arranging North and South Pole expeditions and taking clients to destinations such as Guatemala, Alaska, Belize, Nepal, Tanzania, Iceland and Svalbard. In 2009 she was part of a small team who claimed a world record walking 500km along the Skeleton Coast of Namibia, unsupported. Through this work she found the sport of dog mushing and met Milos in 2011 they soon decided on setting up a life together with their own kennel of dogs.

New Guide details coming soon

New Guide details coming soon


LSA have now employed their new guides for the winter season, check back here later in the year for an update on who they are.

Feel like Gaynor is a familiar face?

You may have seen her on TV! Gaynor featured on Ben Fogles ‘Lives in the Wild’, Channel 5, Series 3, episode 4 back in 2014.

Ben went up to stay for a week with Gaynor and Milos to find out what moving from the city of London to the middle of the Lapland wilderness was like!

Back in 2014 Gaynor and Milos were living a slightly different life! so don’t fear as you won’t be subject to outdoor toilets and no showers. Since the program aired the luxury LSA lodge has been built.

Read more about Gaynor’s dynamic change of life style here in an interview she did with The Times online in 2016.

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