Optional extras

Do you want to stay a bit longer or add a snow mobile tour that’s not part of the package you’ve chosen? No problem! Most of our packages are customisable by choosing from the optional extras listed below. Simply contact us with your choice of package and let us know what you would like to add or replace and we will send you a new proposal.

Please note, all tours/extras are subject to availability and may require an extended stay.

Guest lodge accommodation

Stay longer in our luxury lodge. Self-serve breakfast included

Single supplement may be applied.

Stay at the lodge for the perfect Swedish getaway
We often get the Northern Lights right outside our door!
More details - Accommodation

Book two nights or more and get one sauna experience free!

Our guest lodge is a purpose made building that can sleep up to 8 people (or 10 if guests are willing to sleep on day beds in the lounge/dining area). It has two twin/double bedrooms and one family room with one twin/double bed and two bunk beds separated by a partition wall (perfect for a family of four). There are two bathrooms each with a shower and toilet. Bed linen and towels are provided.

The main living room is a combination kitchen, dining room and lounge with a large table to seat 8 comfortably and 10 snuggly. The kitchen has an electric hob, oven, a large fridge freezer and dishwasher.

A self-serve breakfast is included. Lunch and dinner, unless specifically stated otherwise in the itinerary, is charged extra. We do not provide or sell alcohol but you are welcome to bring your own. We do not recommend drinking alcohol at lunchtime if you have booked an afternoon activity.

You will be kitted out with insulated outerwear and boots on arrival. These will be yours to use throughout your stay at our lodge at no extra cost. We have a wide range of sizes for both adults and children.

Available all year round January to December

Price includes pick-up and drop-off at airport or Kiruna hotel. 

Private sauna experience

Relax in the private sauna

1-2 hour experience

This is our purpose built, private sauna
Relax in the steaming heat of our sauna
More details - Sauna

This is a private sauna experience to help you relax and unwind as the heat soothes all of your troubles and stresses away. In the winter the cold outside only enhances the experience and every so often we’re sure you’ll be brave enough to pop your head outside and even roll around in the snow which can be most invigorating! In the summer months, why not dip your toes in our refreshing creek that flows alongside the sauna.

There is also relax and changing area within the sauna cabin. We provide towels together with a spa basket full of luxury wash scrubs and gels and cool refreshments to add to the comforts of your experience.

Available all year round January to December

Sit-down dog sled ride

Take a magical ride by paw power (48 paws to be exact!)

1.5 hour experience

Take it easy and enjoy the ride
We stop at our Lavvu (traditional tipi tent) for coffee and cake!
More details - Sit-down dog sled ride

This is a ‘sitting’ experience with up to four people sitting on a large sled driven by an experienced guide and pulled by 12 enthusiast Alaskan huskies. Occasionally it may be possible (or necessary) for five people to sit on one sled but this is only in exceptional circumstances.

This type of tour can be seen in a short video here

Minimum 2 people. Available December to early April. 

Drive your own dog sled tour

Drive your own sled pulled by 4 huskies

3 hour experience

You'll get your own team of 4 or 5 dogs to drive
Experience the landscape with 'paw power'
More details - Drive your own sled tour

You will be given expert tuition in handling your own dog team before being given your own sled with 4/5 dogs. The dogs are very strong and are born to run so the start is always exciting as they finally get their wish!

This is your chance to be a Musher and no doubt you’ll enjoy this incredible mode of transport, as the dogs yelp and bark in their anticipation of the journey ahead, you’ll make your way out of the kennel, through the snowy forest and across the frozen lakes. Along the trail, we’ll stop at our traditional style Lavvu tent for a warming drink and cake before getting back on the sleds and heading down the trail once more.

Minimum 2 people. Available December to early April.

Please note, our guests enjoy driving their own sled throughout the tour – we don’t ask you to share a sled or swap drivers.

Snowshoeing (walk)

Explore the wilderness on foot

3 hour experience

Go snowshoeing for a fabulous view!
Go snowshoeing it's not as hard as it looks.
More details - Snowshoeing
You’ll be fitted out with high quality Fimbulvetr snow shoes (size 37-50) to help you along the forest trails surrounding the lodge. The physical level of this activity can be tailored to the group but the suggested goal is the top of a nearby hill where you benefit from an incredible view of the area, seeing for miles across frozen rivers and pine forests. Along the way, it’s quite possible to see wildlife such as birdlife, reindeer and moose. Your guide will serve a welcome drink whilst you soak up the scenery before you.

Minimum 2 people. Available December to early April.

Snowmobile tour

Feel the thrill of a frozen river ride

2.5 hour experience

Snowmobile in the Swedish wilderness
Snowmobiling through the Swedish wilderness
More details - Snowmobile tour

You will be given instructions on how to drive the snowmobile before the surge of engine power fills your body on a thrilling ride through the frozen landscape. Along the way we stop for a welcome hot drink and cake.

This is a guided tour and you will need a full drivers licence to take part.

Helmets are provided.

Minimum 2 machines (up to 4 people). Available December to early April.


Ice fishing

Catch your own dinner the traditional way

2-3 hour experience (weather dependent)

Ice fishing, laying on a reindeer skin
Drilling a hole for ice fishing
More details - Ice fishing

Experience one of the most popular pastimes of the locals! This tour starts with a ride in a snowmobile passenger trailer to a frozen lake. Here, we will drill holes in the ice before giving you fishing rods and bait to lure in your catch! A warming coffee and cake will keep you nice and toasty while you wait for the fish to bite. Please note, a successful catch cannot be guaranteed.

Minimum 2 people. Available December to early April.


Marvel at stunning ice sculptures in this frozen hotel

3 hour experience

Larger than life ice sculptures at the ICEHOTEL
Ice bedroom at the ICEHOTEL
More details - ICEHOTEL visit

The famous ICEHOTEL is in Jukkasjarvi about 30 minutes drive from the lodge. The hotel has a world-wide reputation for being the “coolest” hotel in the world – it is in fact a constant -5 degrees centigrade no matter what the temperature outside! This temperature makes it comfortable to stay in and walk around but cool enough for the hotel’s walls, beds, chairs and bar (complete with ice glasses) to stay frozen. The tour ticket allows you to view the 20 or so individually hand-crafted rooms with ice sculptures as well as the ice Church in the winter months. In the summer the ICEHOTEL 365 has 11 art suites to view and an ICEBAR for a cool drink. The tour entrance fee and transfers are included in the optional extra price.

Minimum 2 people. Available all year round January to December.

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